Our Story

My first round of golf was during a work trip in San Antonio. A friend invited me to play with him at The Quarry golf course. The first thing I noticed was a sign that read, “NO JEANS ALLOWED.” From that point forward, golf apparel became important to me, and a seed was planted. In 2014, that seed blossomed into GOLOWE golf. We wanted to make sure that when golfers showed up to the course, they could look good and feel good about their gear! We started with 6 hats and a vision! Today, our product line consists of golf polos, belts, towels, and over 30 hats in various styles, fabrics, and colors. When golfers want to look and feel good about their gear, GOLOWE golf is the way to go!



            Our Logo literally means Go Low! When you’re watching your favorite golfer compete in a tournament, you will see a ( O ) for every birdie! In your weekend rounds with your buddies, you might indicate a par with a dash or a ( - ). If your card is full of (O) and (-)’s you are about to GOLOWE!